The Convo with Evan Dashevsky of PC Magazine

The Convo is a interview series hosted by PC Magazine features editor Evan Dashevsky (@haldash; We invite the most interesting thinkers and doers in science, technology, and geekdom to talk about the big trends affecting the world. Past guests have included astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, video game pioneer Richard Garriott, NASA deputy administrator Dava Newman, World War Z author Max Brooks, former astronaut Mike Massimino, Mr. Robot writer/producer Kor Adana, and adult video entrepreneur Joanna Angel, just to name a few. Each episode streams live on PCMag's Facebook page where live viewers can ask questions to guests in the comments. Episodes can also be viewed on our YouTube page or downloaded for free as a podcast (available on iTunes or wherever fine podcasts are sold).
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The Convo with Evan Dashevsky of PC Magazine

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Feb 24, 2017

We had a fascinating conversation with tech/economy/politics writer, James Pethokoukis about how robots and algorithms are (probably) going to replace the need for a human workforce (at some point). We dig into the weeds about what possible solutions civilization should consider when confronting this sea change: a universal basic income (UBI); negative income tax; or shortening the work week to four days. (And, yeah, we also talked about his time as a Jeopardy champion and got to try and answer his winning final Jeopardy question.)

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Feb 21, 2017

This was a fascinating talk about human evolution, past and FUTURE. Enriquez details, among other things how humans actually have four genomes; why the obesity problem has spread to wild birds;why autism may be a symptom of the IT economy; why blue eyes are going extinct in the US; and, you know, how we might live forever.

Feb 21, 2017

The Creative Machines Lab's goal is to create robots that are self-aware, self-replicating, and creative. We speak with the program's director, Dr. Hod Lipson about his work creating robots that can learn on their own, evolve over time without any human intervention, and even create works of art (pretty good ones too). We also talk about his book _Driverless_, about the robotic technology (driverless cars) that will reshape the world in the decade to come.

Check out Dr. Lipson's book right here!



Feb 15, 2017

We talked to adult video entrepreneur and all-around badass Joanna Angel about how content makers can survive in the digital age.

Feb 14, 2017

MIT Media Lab researcher Dr. Kate Darling stopped by the studio with her dino-bot (Mr. Spaghetti) to talk about the ethics of how new robot friends, what rights robots have, and what are the ethics surrounding sex bots. Plus, watch as Mr. Spaghetti takes his first steps ever!

Feb 13, 2017

We spoke with Stanford Law professor Henry T. Greely about his new book The End of Sex, which predicts the end of procreational sex and the rise of designer babies in as early as 20 years.

Feb 13, 2017

We spoke with NASA deputy administrator Dava Newman about how humans will get to Mars.

Feb 3, 2017

Richard Garriott (AKA "Lord British:"), the video game pioneer behind the Ultima series reflects on the industry he helped create and his many non-game adventures including his time as a private space tourist who spent two weeks orbiting the Earth. We delved into how drugs were an important part of the early technology industry; how online games help keep society from disintegrating; and why space is gross (but still worth it).

Feb 3, 2017

The world's favorite astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson stopped by for a super-sized Convo to talk about science, politics, education, his Twitter beef with the rapper B.O.B., if there will be another season of Cosmos, the multiverse (and "the metaverse"), and A LOT more. Check this one out!

Feb 3, 2017

We talked with theoretical physicist Sean Carroll about his fascinating non-fiction book The Big Picture, the meaning of life, and how the universe works at its most fundamental level. You know, the little things.

Feb 3, 2017

Former astronaut Mike Massimino dropped by our studios to talk about his new memoir, Spaceman, as well as what it's like to actually travel to space and work there (including all the gross and painful stuff you don't hear about).

Feb 3, 2017

We talked with author (The Moral Arc, among others) and founder of The Skeptics Society, Michael Shermer about immortality, UFOs, and how technology has made us the most moral society in history.